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Наша команда


Born in the Ukraine and was raised in Russia.
Nowadays lives in Israel and for many years now deals with tourism.She loves history
and writes short history stories. in marketing holds the Israeli theory: “ If they don't let you in through the door, go through the window”
It works! 

Lada Samoylova

Idea author 


Born in Yekaterinburg and was educated in Saint Petersburg.
She is a professional director. She has been living in Israel since 2014.
Opened her own private studio for Children's Theater. All of her projects are done with all her heart and soul and she is not afraid of any obstacle. She has a very cynical sense of humor

Irina Grudzinskaya


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Our sound genius was born and educated in Saint Petersburg.
An educated conductor. He has been living in Israel for more than 30 years.
He synchronizes the audio for 3 languages simultaneously during our tour.
A work of genius by Michael.

Mikhail Weisburd



She migrated to Israel in 2020 from Ukraine. She Studies Hebrew and graphic design.
Even while she was still young she completed Tour guide courses. Maria is the most important person in our tours and is incharge of the organization part-time.
She's also Ivan mother.

Maria Fukalova



17 years old. Migrated to Israel in 2020 from Ukraine. Studies Robotics.
Loves music, wants to be a director and is happy that he entered such a friendly cast of “Holy Land quest” He also observes with interest how they all work from the inside

Ivan Fukalov

Administrator assistants 


17 years old.
Attending school and majoring in music. studies programming.
She is responsible for the small details and setting the mood
for the theatrical tour.

Alisa Tsirlin

Administration Assistant


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Born in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Made aliyah to Israel in 96’ and adjusted to the Hebrew language at a native language level. Also speaks Russian and English at a high level. A professional television and theater actor,
A character actor who dives quickly into his characters and brings his deep view and humor into action.

Sandro Zildman



He was born in Jerusalem (but his mother is from the united states and father is from South Africa) a native english speaker and an expert on different accents.

He is an actor, playwright and stage manager. A Beit-Zvi graduate (2016) and The Camery Playwriting course (2021) when He's not acting He mainly works as a stage manager for different Childrens Theaters that perform all over the country

Yaniv Basford



Sonya Rabinovich

Is 20 years old.
Originally from Moscow, Russia.
A Third-year undergraduate student in mechanical engineering at “Tel-Aviv University”
She started learning acting since her childhood in Moscow.
And when she moved to Israel she got accepted to the “Youth Voice Ensemble”
Where she finished four school years.
Nowadays she continues to perform and act in the productions of graduates of the Ensemble.
And is part of the “Jaffo.Love.Adventures” project.



She forms the delicate part of our team. (But we believe that it might be our imagination)
A professional movie and Theater actresses. Studied at university in Moscow In the Faculty of Television Theater and Broadcasting in “Ostankino”. Worked at the ״ Chekhov City Theatre ״
Has made appearances in movies and television shows.
Emigrated to Israel in 2020.

Spector Elizabeth


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Made aliyah from Moscow in 1989.
A Tel-Aviv university graduate, Acting department.
Since then she has acted in plays and movies. She is a singer and Event moderator.
Loves animals.

Dana Kucherovskaya


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